Artists Collaborating donating their time to support our program are: Ram Herrera, David Marez, Little Joe, Joe Posada, Adalberto Gallegos, Kurt Wipfli, Elio Quintanilla, Sunny Ozuna, René René, Agnes Torres, George Rivas, Jorge Alejandro, Gilbert Velásquez, Marcos Orozco & Bird Rodriguez.

TEJANOS FOR DIABETES is a program created to provide free assistance to fight Diabetes to our Texas community supported by your local civic groups, local and Texas leaders, Health practitioners and Recording Artists.

Tejanos For Diabetes will provide vital information to Hispanics to help them understand the symptoms of this killer decease which is is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. Reports show that 20 percent of all children in the 10-17 age group are obese, with that rate rapidly rising due to increased consumption of fast foods and a lack of physical exercise.

According to the National Diabetes Association, Diabetes among Texans is growing at an alarming rate and it is foreseen that by the year 2040, more than 7.5 million Texans will have diabetes. 2.2 million are now battling their condition due to the obesity rate that has tripled among young adults in the last 10 years.

Texas is now leading the nation in the rate of diabetes among the Hispanic population and it is time for us to do something about it. The American Diabetes Association's Austin office is so committed to educating the public about how to stop diabetes and support those living with the disease. They provide resources to 26 counties in the Central Texas region, having a combined population of approximately 2.8 million people.


Our plan is to educate with the help of local physicians, dieticians, professional educators, health practitioners 

Discover more information about Diabetes in Texas and lets make a change among Tejanos and stand by Tejanos For Diabetes and join the battle to fight this decease. For more info call us today at (512) 221-1140 in Austin, TX In San Antonio, TX (210) 401-1351 or in Laredo, TX call (956) 722-8499.

Texas has some of the highest incidence rates for diabetes in the nation. Much of this is due to the state’s changing demographics: an aging population and ethnic makeup. The older population and the Latino population are the fastest growing in the state and much of the high incidence rate is associated with these two factors. The 43-page report, Responding to the Epidemic: Strategies for Improving Diabetes Care in Texas (pdf), is a wake-up call for the health care industry, stating the costs associated with treating diabetes. Read more